Who was first on the moon? Right, Neil Armstrong. And who was second???

Sometimes it is of no disadvantage to be first, obviously. That exactly is our claim. We want to be no 1 in everything we do. But mainly with you and in together with you.

For us quality is the opposite of chance.

We have out own purchasing office in Central Asia. We do not buy from wholesale businessmen or middlemen. We have our goods produced, thus being in control, always. That is good in respect to quality and even better in respect to prices.

»Keep your body in good shape«. We are keen on healthy living concerning our organisation. We do not have a hydrocephalus nor thick legs, we are fit and mobile. We are »in motion«.

Our team is fast, flexible and reliable. Additionally we rely on necessary expertise experience obtained in executive positions of German and international FMCG- commercial enterprises.

»Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success«. (Henry Ford)
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